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Trumped Iran Deal

"making Iran great again ..."

Washington - Tesla - Tehran

Giga Factory Plus joint-venture:

The United States will provide the Iranian part of the cash to incorporate a joint-venture company 40% owned by Tesla, in order to:

  • 70% of Iran's energy consumption to be won from solar energy.
  • 75% of all land vehicles to be fully electric.
  • In return for discarding repatriation for indirect economic damages due scrapping of Obama signed deal, the United States (among others) will form a fund to compensate knowledge transfer fees for next 15 years after signing the deal: patents regarding solar energy by Tesla & its subsidiaries will be regarded as public domain after 7 years in case it is used in a product manufactured inside at a company with a least 80% Iranian citizens as shareholders. [Hence, the joint-venture based in Iran, shall not become an alternative monopoly.]

With every milestone of reaching this 24-year long target, Iran will:

  • Dismantle a proportion of its nuclear facilities.
  • Two nuclear research facilities will be operated a prominent technical university, preserved from this self-starting rollback program.
  • an amount from Iranian frozen assets would be kept for retraining and adequate compensation during the transition period for technicians and scientific operating the radioactive facilities.